Here is the latest news from your VBA Patriots 4-H Club

**The 4-H Club T-shirts are here and will be distributed in the coming days. **

National 4-H week is Oct. 3 - 9

To celebrate the VBA 4-H club has some fun activities planned-

  1. We will be taking a fun field trip to HEB, so parents please be watching for the Google Permission Form.

  2. We are also excited to announce that on Tue. Oct. 5th, and Thur. Oct 7th- ANY VBA student or staff that has an official VBA 4-H Club T-shirt may wear it with jeans on either of these days!

  3. Your 4-H Club officers are also planning surprise visits to the classrooms with fun prizes, we will have special announcements each morning, and we will have some cool posters up around campus all week.

  4. Our first official 4-H Club meeting will be Thur. 10/7 at 8am in the Chapel room.  This is open to all 4-H members.

  5. We do have extra 4-H T-shirts available for sale.  The sizes and colors are posted on the Club Facebook page, or you can email Mrs. Brantley: kbrantley@vbainfo.com

Did you know the 4-H Club have their own private Facebook & Instagram Pages?   For the latest updates, and to see class photos, check it out!!!!



4-H Club and Program

Victory Baptist Academy has a State of Texas chartered 4-H Club which is part of the Parker County 4-H Program. If you would like more information please email, kbrantley@vbainfo.com

Program Offerings:

Elective classes are offered to VBA students in both elementary and secondary school as part of the regular school day if students choose to participate.  These electives include experiences in Foods and Nutrition, Fashion and Interior Design, Community Service, Leadership, General Livestock and Gardening and Horticulture; with a strong emphasis on Texas grown crops, animals and programs.

  • Elementary electives

    Offered to 3rd-6th grades. Once per week class where principles of 4-H are taught.

  • secondary electives

    Offered for electives credit. Classes are 1-2 days per week and are a deeper study into the principles of 4-H.

  • 4-H Club

    VBA's 4-H Club meets 6 times per year, during the school day and all members of the class and club are welcome to attend. Officer Elections are held the second week of school each year. 

    Currently VBA has 67 4-H Club Members.

    Club runs Aug 15- July 31.

    In addition to 6 projects done in the 4-H Elective Classes the club members are eligible to participate in over 30 projects offered through the state of Texas and Parker County programs.